STE Chapelle * Chateau Series Soft Red * 2012

Idaho? Snake River Valley?

These were the thoughts running through my head as I was browsing the pre-chilled wines at Wohlner’s. I was on a last minute mission to purchase a few bottles of wine for an outdoor dinner party after work on Friday. My wife requested I pick up at least one chilled, “easier-drinking” wine since it was one of the first real warm days this year. She suggested a Rosé.

Full discloser here in this review: I’m not a wine expert. I enjoy drinking wines and consider myself the casual wine drinker. But this day, I felt a little more pressure than normal in making a selection. The dinner party hosts knew I was blogging for Omaha Wine Review and thought I should be the one to bring the wine. I was unable to find a Rosé I felt confident purchasing.
I kept looking. Time was ticking. The STE Chapelle Soft Red seemed intriguing. I knew nothing about Idaho wines or the Snake River Valley. Feeling the mounting pressure to make a good decision, paired with my impending tardiness, I risked it.

Well no Rosé. What the heck, go bold or go home!

I snatched the bottle, hoping for the best.

The best thing about this wine: Sweet and flavorful for easy summer drinking
Available at: Wohlner’s Neighborhood Grocery and Deli
By the bottle: $9.99
Paired well with: guacamole
If you like Moscato or other sweet wines, try this wine.
Winery Web Page:

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STE Chapelle * Chateau Series Soft Red * 2012