A note on the fires in Napa and Sonoma

My recommendation today goes against the spirit of our blog, but I think the the cause is worthy. If you are a fan of Napa or Sonoma wines, or even if you aren’t, you’ve surely heard about the fires ravaging the area this week. It saddens me to hear of the damage to the area, which I got to see for the first time ever this year.

As I hear the areas affected by the fires, I think of all the places I visited that may be affected by this devastating natural disaster. And then I realized how truly selfish those thoughts are. While my wine drinking will certainly be affected by this, far more serious are the effects on the livelihood of all those who live and work in the area. Wine has a reputation for being for the wealthy, but those are far from the only people losing their homes, jobs, even lives.

I hope this doesn’t strike you as crass, but my way of helping in this situation will be to reach out to the places that produce wine I love and purchase what they have to sell. I want to support the wineries that I love. In between, I’m happy to patronize local (or not-so-local) business that sell my favorites, but right now I want my money in the hands of those wineries, allowing them to continue to run and employ people in the area. I know some of you will have your own ways to support those affected in this and other areas, but here is my (very small) part to support the cause.

Peruse the blog for some recommendations, if you need them. Tonight I opened a bottle of Tamber Bey from my trip. I hope you open a bottle of your favorite this weekend–and then reach out to the winery to replenish your stock.



A note on the fires in Napa and Sonoma

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