Ruffino * Modus * 2013

After an unusually busy week with family, kids, house, work and weather that started off chilly & wet, I think about a getaway somewhere that is warm, beach related, and quiet. How I miss those days of being able to escape on a moment’s notice to indulge myself in some quality “me” time. I found that I had about an hour before the ruckus started in for the evening, so I uncorked the Ruffino Modus red blend.

The best thing about this wine: A tasty red blend
Available at: Corkscrew Wine and Cheese by special request
Pairs well with: aged cheeses including taleggio, pecorino and gouda.
Winery Website:

The Super Tuscan Modus, the Latin word for ‘method’, is Ruffino’s way of expressing Tuscany with a blend of three noble grape varieties. It is composed of 50% Sangiovese, 25% Merlot and 25% Cabernet Sauvignon. Once in my glass, I was drawn to the fragrance of cherries, strawberries, and plums with hints of tobacco and spice lead to a refined long silky vanilla finish. It was amazing on its own, but if I had planned better I would have loved some aged cheeses to go along with it. You can enjoy this vintage now, or put it away for quite a while. Modus’ label features a compass that uniquely represents the meticulous balance of all the elements that come together to give this wine its distinctive character: vines, sun, fruit, soil, dedication and the passage of time and I quickly found that is was a perfect getaway that I needed.



Ruffino * Modus * 2013

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