75 Wine Company * Sauvignon Blanc * 2015

The Seventy-Five Wine Company was founded to honor all that transpired and to all that found inspiration that landmark year. 1975. The Seventy Five Wine Company revels in expressing California wine country’s sun, earth and abundance.  During the weekly Wednesday Flight tasting that Corkscrew Wine and Cheese offers at both their locations, I was able to taste 3 of the 75 Wine Company wines. The Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, and ‘The Sum’ red blend. The 2015 Sauvignon Blanc is what stood out to me and caught my attention. Maybe it’s me just wanting to hold on to summertime just a bit longer. This wine represents the true essence of the grape and source. I got melon, peach and lemon on both the nose and palate. There was a hint of grass and it followed up with fresh fruit which left me wanting to grab a bottle to experience at home.



The best thing about this wine: Great, easy drinking Sauvignon Blanc

Available at: Corkscrew Wine and Cheese

By the bottle: $17

Pairs well with: sunny patios, pasta salads, BBQ shrimp

Winery Web Page: WWW.75wine.com

75 Wine Company * Sauvignon Blanc * 2015

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