Girl & Dragon * Malbec * 2016


I picked this bottle up a few months ago after a bad day. I remember that I was feeling fiery and wanted to do something I don’t usually: buy a bottle with a name or label that spoke to my emotion. I ended up having a friend call me to get together, so the bottle got tucked away. It ended up being perfect for me to enjoy tonight, along with Will and Grace!

The best thing about this wine: convenient and a great value
Available at: Target
By the bottle: $9.99

Pairs well with: steaks on the grill, beef stew
Winery Website:

One of my favorite things about the Vivino app is that when I look up wines, I frequestly find that I’m not as adventurous as I think I am. I scanned my bottle tonight to see the ratings, and found that I tried this same wine 2 years ago. I am happy to say I gave it 4 stars back then. As I tried many, many more Malbecs in the intervening time, I would probably give it a 3.5 now. Tasty and convenient, it’s a great option for something to keep around just in case you need a bottle one night after work. 🙂

This wine is a great value. I love that I can pick up a bottle at Target while shopping and drink it on its own or pair it with a simple dinner. This is a dry wine, with lots of dry jammy fruit flavors– berries and a hint of apricot on the finish. The peppery bite would go well with  grilled steaks, or a pot roast as it gets colder. It was also enjoyable to drink on its own!



Girl & Dragon * Malbec * 2016

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