St. Amant * The Bootleg Society ‘Speakeasy’ * 2014

This winery/wine maker caught my attention a couple of years ago when I was given a bottle of The 2013 ‘The Road Less Traveled’ Tempranillo to try and I fell in love from the first sip. Back then my reviews were usually “Eh” or “YUMMY!” Some still get these votes but today this gets a “YUMMY!!” and a reason why….
The best thing about this wine: It’s Yummy!
Available at: Corkscrew Wine and Cheese by special request
Pairs well with: rainy days, pizza and an old movie!
Winery Website:

So this label caught my eye right away! When I was told it was a red blend from St. Amant Winery, I knew I was going to love it. This red is a blend of Zinfandel, Barbera, Souzao, and Tempranillo. There was a lot going on for my senses to grapple with: earthy notes, a bit of spice and very fruity. The distributor told me a bit of the back story which made me go to the website to learn more and what a tale!

“This is our 4th vintage of our Speakeasy Red – a wine inspired and created for our wine club. It’s a fun wine to make. We throw out all the rules and simply go through all our barrels and put together the best blend that we can. This year’s wine is once again about ? and the ‘secret ingredient.’ As you know, it couldn’t rightfully bear the ‘Speakeasy’ name without a secret ingredient. Needless to say, we think it makes a pretty good wine – ripe and juicy, with vibrant fruit flavors, and underlying spice complement a rich full-bodied mouthfeel.”

I couldn’t say it better. A pretty good/yummy wine it is!
Doesn’t this make you want to be there, grab a glass and dive right in? To me it is a sexy, fun, mysterious wine that is a  must have wine worth the try. If you are going to share, make sure to require a password!



St. Amant * The Bootleg Society ‘Speakeasy’ * 2014

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