Shannon Ridge High Elevation * Wrangler Red Blend * 2013

Shannon RidgeHow much can one cram into one week? I feel that question was the theme driving me this week, pushing me forward, seeing how capable I was at this thing called life.

The best thing about this wine: smooth, flavorful, and not too deep.
Available at: Wohlner’s
By the bottle: $13.99
Pairs well with: Sunday evening dinners
If you like red blends, try this wine.
Winery Web Page:

The last week I felt out of control, trying to juggle too many responsibilities, sacrificing my sanity: I’m currently co-leading a large 4-week project at work and my wife was away from home on business for three days so I was solo with my daughter. I met my wife in Kansas City Tuesday evening for a U2 concert and was back on the road to Omaha the next morning for work. Our daughter was sick Friday. And after a full work week, I put in half a day on Saturday instead of watching the Nebraska football game (although maybe I saved myself some anxiety by missing it).

Sunday evening I was still feeling out of sorts while on a quick trip to pick up some items for dinner. I paused in front of a display of wine, the words “wrangler red” on a label spoke to me, describing how I’ve felt all week–like I’m wrangling too many priorities. Without much discerning the bottle of Shannon Ridge was in my basket and I was on my way home.

I think I needed this bottle of wine! A blend of Zinfandel, Syrah, Petite Sirah, and Cabernet Sauvignon, it’s super smooth and relaxing. Ripe black cherry and oak is prominent on the nose. On the front of the palate it’s bright and refreshing, with a smooth jammy flavor in the middle. The end is light, dry, oaky perfection. This wine opened up nicely in the glass.

I would have drank the entire bottle with Sunday dinner, but since next week will certainly be as full as the last, I put the cork in for now. Knowing that another glass is available in the evening tomorrow will be equal motivation and reward.

Cheers to wrangling another week,


Shannon Ridge High Elevation * Wrangler Red Blend * 2013

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