Witness Tree “Chainsaw” * Pinot Noir * 2015

Chainsaw Pinot Noir

Taking your three-year old daughter with you to a sushi restaurant on a Friday night can be a risky endeavor. My daughter has been to shusi places with us in the past, but this time, immediately after we sat down at the table glancing at menus she asked, “Do they have mac and cheese here?”

The best thing about this wine: Light like a Pinot Noir with some complex flavorful notes
Available at: Ponzu Sushi and Grill
By the glass: $10.00
Pairs well with: Friday nights, edamame, fries, and sushi
If you like surprise endings, try this wine.
Winery Web Page: http://www.witnesstreevineyard.com

I’m not going to deny my love for a good macaroni and cheese. I won’t confirm or deny how much of it I eat with my daughter. However, after informing her there were other delicious items on the menu but not mac and cheese, I ordered an appetizer of edamame and truffle fries—great for me and great for my daughter. I also ordered a Witness Tree “Chainsaw” Pinot Noir. Being a fan of wines from the Willamette Valley, I was excited to give this 2015 a try.

At first sip it was clean, smooth, and extremely mild. It picked up some steam in the middle with fresh bright berries, like raspberries. Most of the flavor jumped out at the very end, with a serious spicy punch of pepper and cinnamon. This was an enjoyable glass of wine to have while watching my daughter settle in, enjoy, and accept the non-macaroni foods for dinner (even if we were having fries at a sushi restaurant!).

Cheers to surprising endings,

Witness Tree “Chainsaw” * Pinot Noir * 2015

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