El Picaro * Matsu * 2016

Take a chance. We all take a chance every day we awake to another day. I take a chance nearly every day that I remember to actually put coffee grounds into the filter as I stumble around in the kitchen to make my way for the day. I take a chance driving to work that I won’t hit traffic and make it in on time. The other day while I was wandering around Costco I ended up like usual in the wine section. This 100% Tempranillo stood out and I decided to take a chance on it.

The best thing about this wine: great value and super yummy!
Available at: Costco
By the bottle: $9.99
Pairs well with: taking chances, fall patio nights by the fire and your mamma’s spaghetti

This wine is the last in a 4 part series. The labels alone sell the wine.  Picaro means ‘rogue’ or ‘rascal’ and this is definitely a rascal of a wine. This is a youthful interpretation of the Toro region’s style. Vivid crimson-purple in the glass.  I had aromas of ripe blackberries and raspberries, with subtle hints of fresh cocoa. That night I took a chance on great patio weather by the fire and a something yummy in my glass… and I won!



El Picaro * Matsu * 2016

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