Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuissé * Chardonnay * 2015


My mom and I try to get together for dinner whenever we can. We live less than a mile apart, yet it seems to have been over a month since our schedules have aligned. We happened to make it work Tuesday night, and ended up at Mark’s in Dundee for dinner. It was half price wine night, so we needed a bottle to accompany our delicious dinner! The Pouilly-Fuisse immediately caught my eye as something familiar, though I could not identify why, and we thought it would be perfect.

The best thing about this wine: easy to drink and very enjoyable
Available at: Mark’s Bistro
By the bottle: $54
Pair with: seafood, rich food, patio drinking
Winery website: http://www.louisjadot.com/en/index.php


I did some more research on this wine while preparing to write this post. It turns out, the region sounded familiar because I was in the area on my trip to France this summer, AND I actually enjoyed another Louis Jadot wine while I was there. Crazy how that kind of thing happens!

This particular wine is 100% Chardonnay and has a beautiful if subdued palette. Crisp and floral are the words that immediately come to mind, and there is a nice creaminess that rounds out the acidity. There is a hint of minerality, as well as citrus and melon. Overall this is a very refreshing wine that would be a great complement to many meals or enjoyable to drink on its own. I am not generally a Chardonnay fan, and found this to be a great wine.



Louis Jadot Pouilly-Fuissé * Chardonnay * 2015

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