Vintage Rose Brut Cuvee * Krone * 2014


Today, I began my fourth year of teaching. I spent a week preparing my classroom, hanging my decorations, and planning lessons and activities so we could hit the ground running in our 5 minute mini-classes today. After introductions, we did “would you rather” as an ice breaker. In that spirit, would you rather… force yourself to wake up really early or force yourself not to go to sleep before 5 pm? Hit your 10,000 steps while clocking 45 minutes of exercise at work before 3:30 or be unable to wake up from your definitely-not-a-nap when you get home? Suffice it to say that I am beat! Cooking was definitely not an option tonight, so I hit up a couple places in Dundee to get some dinner and a glass of wine. I ended up going for Krone, a sparkling rose, at Baela Rose.

The best thing about this wine: super fine bubbles and nice flavor
Available at: Baela Rose in Dundee
By the glass: $10/By the bottle: $37
Pairs well with: life. Also, lighter foods or before dinner.
Winery website:

Brussels sprouts were calling my name, so I stopped into Baela Rose. As I was perusing the wine list, I was thinking about reviewing a white but this wine called my name. I LOVE sparkling wine and have tried it from countries all around the world. This one was a sparkling rose from South Africa and sounded too intriguing to pass up.

The first thing you will notice about this is the super fine bubbles. They almost give a foamy sensation as they hit your mouth that really makes the fruit pop. There’s lots of berries with a honeyed pear finish, along with high acidity. It’s fruity for a brut—but definitely not too sweet!

On a paired note (ahahaha!), while I was eating I texted a friend that I was dying of delicious. Seriously, try Baela Rose. I cannot recommend the brussels sprouts and homemade tagliatelle I had for dinner highly enough!


Vintage Rose Brut Cuvee * Krone * 2014

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