Ryan Patrick * Rock Island Red * 2014

It’s been a long 2 weeks for us in the Hague household. If you have fur-babies you completely understand how they are a big part of your family and heart. Our boxer Brock stopped eating and lost 15 pounds in one week, so we took him in for some lab work. The vet wasn’t sure exactly, but according to his numbers it showed he either had the dreaded Lymphoma or Addison Disease. After hundreds of dollars and several meds later, we had him tested again today.
[Editor’s note: spoiler alert, he’s ok. I couldn’t take the suspense after poor Mo’s bad news last week] 

The best thing about this wine: Jammy with a pleasurable silky finish
Available at: Vino Mas
By the bottle: $20.00
Pairs well with: Pepperoni Pizza
Winery Web Page: www.ryanpatrickwines

We rescued Brock when he was 4 months old. He was the only boxer who got along with our 6 month “deaf” boxer at the time. It was quite interesting because the other boxers sensed something was wrong with Phoebe. We had several meet and greets and every other boxer we would introduce Phoebe to had nothing to do with her. Not Brock, he attached himself to her and has guided her throughout her life. Brock has been a savior to this family.

Today we patiently waited for the call from our vet, is it Addison’s Disease or Cancer? We treated for both and apparently it is working because his numbers are back to normal!! We will reevaluate in a month and treat for whatever it may be but the Vet was pretty sure it was not Lymphoma.

In celebration we ordered pizza and opened this bottle of red we got from Vino Mas in our Wine of the Month Club. On the nose the aromas were dark cherry and rich plum with hints of lavender, dried herbs and cocoa. It is generously juicy with a jammy mid-palate and pleasurable silk finish. The varietal is 48% Cabernet Sauvignon, 33% Syrah, 15% Merlot and 4% Primitivo.

This bottle was definitely worth opening and enjoying for a celebration. Cheers to all of us and the love for our fur babies!!


Ryan Patrick * Rock Island Red * 2014

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