Merisi * Pinot Gris * 2016


Our home consists of two working parents, a three-year-old, and two Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dogs. Making it through a typical week is a well-orchestrated routine, consisting of normal and usual habits, and the occasional exception to the standard plan. This week I made a day trip to Des Moines for work, which consisted of a long fourteen hour day. Rather than settle into the typical dinner routine we planned to invite our neighbor over to try a bottle of Pinot Gris we’ve never had before.

The best thing about this wine: so savory it must be shared
Available at: Spirit World
By the bottle: $24.99
Pairs well with: neighbors, conversation, and dinner
If you like light and dry white wines, try this wine.
Winery Web Page:

Due to being gone all day, I prepped dinner the night before, piling the ingredients into aluminum foil packets: chicken, stuffing, broccoli, and cheese. Certainly this wasn’t the most impressive dinner for guests. However our neighbor didn’t complain.

The first taste of the Merisi Pinot Gris brought on delightful excitement. It is a savory Sonoma county wine. Soft on the palate, I tasted light lime notes, and other dry citrus fruit. Clean, refreshing, and bright, this is one beautiful wine. We quickly finished the bottle with dinner. It is the perfect wine to share with neighbors and conversation.

Cheers to wine-capped long days,


Merisi * Pinot Gris * 2016

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