Espiral * Vinho Verde


I was getting my hair cut at a local salon one summer day when my stylist asked me if I’d like a glass of wine. “Why not?” I replied, figuring I deserved a glass of below-average Chardonnay for the price I was about to pay for my haircut.

Instead, I was served a lightly sparkling, slightly tart wine that tickled my tastebuds. What was it? I swirled and sniffed as I sat in my salon smock.

The best thing about this wine: It’s refreshing and citrusy
Available at: Trader Joe’s
By the bottle: $4.49
Pairs well with: Chicken, pasta salad, seafood, pork chops

That day, I was introduced to Espiral’s Vinho Verde, and it soon became my favorite summer staple. If you’re not familiar with this varietal, allow me to open your eyes.

Made in Northern Portugal, this light, refreshing wine literally translates to “green wine”. While technically white in color, Vinho Verde is made from young grapes, creating a crisp wine perfect for summer sipping.

If you’re not wanting to jump on the rosé bandwagon, this wine just may do the trick. I even convinced my mother (who ONLY drinks Chardonnay) to try it, and she vowed to add it to her regular rotation.

It’s citrusy, refreshing, and offers delicious mineral flavors. The low alcohol and nice acidity pair well with a light chicken dish or pasta salad. It’s highly affordable and only available at Trader Joe’s, so snag one — or a couple!



Espiral * Vinho Verde

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