Woodwork * Pinot Noir * 2015

It’s that time of year when you see a garage sale on every corner. I don’t care for for garage sales, let alone shopping! My mom and sister go crazy over garage sales and will spend hours driving around looking for them. I never understood!

The best thing about this wine: The value
Available at: HyVee
By the bottle: On sale $6.99 Regular: $14.99
Pairs well with: Grilled pork or chicken.
Winery Web Page: www.woodworkwines.com

My mom had the day off and my sister was working so my mom asked if I would take her to a few garage sales. Of course, I agreed and was dreading every minute of it. As the morning went on, watching the clock, I found a table full of beer signs and wine accessories. Now this is my kind of garage sale! As I went through everything, I spotted a shiny new decanter that I needed to have and couldn’t believe the price on it.

Extremely excited about my find and needing to try out this new decanter I opened up the bottle of Woodwork I found on sale this week.

This wine was more full and dark than the Pinot Noirs I am familiar with. Nice dark fruit, plum, a little coffee. Tannins were there but not overpowering. There was definite oak, strawberry and chocolate. This is a tasty, complex Pinot Noir with a great finish. For $6.99 a bottle, it is an exceptional buy.

This was a great week for finding deals. The wine was fantastic and I love my new decanter. When and where is the next garage sale?!


Woodwork * Pinot Noir * 2015

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