Dreaming Tree * Pinot Noir * 2015

IMG_1454Often, after work, I want to make as few decisions as I can, and I prefer to put the least amount of effort into the rest of my day. Dreaming Tree Pinot Noir is reliable in situations like these, when I’m feeling extra lazy.

The best thing about this wine:
Available at: Hy-Vee
By the bottle: $13.99
Pairs well with: any quick meal after work
If you like an easy option for pairing without much thought, try this wine.
Winery Web Page: https://www.dreamingtreewines.com

This week after a particularly tough day, my energy had been drained. Luckily, the dinner prep was as simple as it can get: yellow squash, red potatoes, zucchini, and chicken, drizzled with olive oil and a ranch dressing seasoning pack. After tossing all the ingredients together in the oven, I had a few minutes to sit back and enjoy the wine.

Sharp sweet and tart cherry at the start, with full oak flavor in the middle, and a nice pepper-laden finish at the end. I sense a light hint of cinnamon. Overall this is a smooth, soft, simple, and easily drinkable wine. Certainly I would recommend if you are looking for light and easy-drinking wine.

Cheers to simplicity,

Dreaming Tree * Pinot Noir * 2015

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