Yountville Unoaked Chardonnay * Tamber Bey * 2015

I find that I get older, maintaining my friendships becomes a task to which I have to devote some effort. Where our lives once revolved around happy hours and meeting at the bars, it becomes increasingly hard to make those work when my friends are wrangling kids and I am busy heading to bed at 9 pm! Last week, amidst a long week of classes, I had a friend over to cook one of those meal delivery services. It turned out to be a great way to fit in weekday get-together, as well as an opportunity to bust out a bottle I have been hanging onto for a fun occasion: Tamber Bey’s 2015 Yountville Unoaked Chardonnay.

The best thing about this wine: surprising flavors in a chardonnay
Available at: Omaha Wine Company
By the Bottle: $38
Pairs well with: a lighter meal, a group with varied tastes
Winery website:

In general, I am not a huge chardonnay fan, but when I tried this in Napa in May I knew I had to try it again. This is a Dijon clone Chardonnay that is aged in stainless steel, giving it a different taste than what you might be expecting. It was slightly sweeter than I had anticipated, but a great wine to drink. The nose is very floral, and the wine itself features tons of fruit: pear, apple, nectarines and a rich carmelized banana finish.


This wine was a great pairing with our steak ceasar lettuce cups, and I was able to finish the bottle with my salmon and couscous with salsa verde the next night. I would recommend it with a light dinner that it could enhance, but wouldn’t need to compete with– perfect in this heat! And if you make it to Napa– it’s great paired with their cookie tasting: 5 bite-size cookies designed to complement each of the wines!

I will definitely grab a couple more of these bottles to open this summer!




Yountville Unoaked Chardonnay * Tamber Bey * 2015

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