Forefront * Cabernet Sauvignon * 2011

FullSizeRenderThis weekend our lack of food options hit the tipping point. We no longer could stretch not going to the grocery store by pairing random options of whatever food was remaining together and still call it a meal. A lonely bag of baby carrots had survived, and I had decided they would be delicious on the grill for dinner. But simply eating grilled carrots wasn’t going to sustain our Saturday night appetites. At the grocery store grabbing a few grilling items to pair with the carrots, I made my way to the wine section in hopes of finding something new and pleasing. I set my sights on a 2011 Forefront Cabernet Sauvignon and with a quick scan of the label using the Vivno app, I had decided to give it a try.

The best thing about this wine: complex and unique flavors
Available at: Hy-Vee
By the bottle: $9.99
Pairs well with: Beef sirloin (and–of course–carrots)
If you like flavorful Cabernets, try this wine.
Winery Web Page: 

Upon first pour I was immediately struck by the strong oak smell. Plum color, I gave it a quick swirl in the glass. The first few tastes contained strong, intense flavors overpowering each other struggling for control. I immediately sensed the complexities of flavor and I was intrigued by them. I decided to allow the wine some time to calm down before pouring another glass. I emptied the entire bottle into the decanter, giving it a few quick swirls before placing it on the kitchen counter. 

I prepped the grilling items I had purchased for dinner (along with the carrots): bacon wrapped sirloin filets, cheddar bread, and twice baked potatoes. I conjured an 80’s playlist from Alexa. 45 minutes of decanting later, I gave the next glass it’s opportunity. This time, the food on the grill was almost complete and Guns N’ Roses Sweet Child of Mine was blaring in the background.

Forefront opened up nicely, melding all properties perfectly. Even the smell was different: Oak, cedar, and vanilla presented themselves on the nose. Also previously undetected, sweet plum fruit forward flavor led into mild blackberry undertones in the middle. Extremely strong tannins right at the end provide a smacking, puckering finish in the most unique and exciting way.

This is a full-bodied, bold, and complex flavored wine. It’s composition is 86% Cabernet Sauvignon, 7% Syrah, 3% Malbec, 2% Cabernet Franc, 1% Merlot, and 1% Petit Verdot, from Napa, Lake, and Sonoma Counties of California. The label says juicy and cassis flavors, which after reading describe it well. 

The brown sugar-glazed carrots turned out excellent on the grill, paired with the wine, rocking 80’s music, potatoes, and sirloin. For me, this experience is what drinking wine is about–the surprising and unpredictable nature of it all.

Cheers to carrots,


Forefront * Cabernet Sauvignon * 2011

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