In preparation for teaching my first cooking class, I decided I would do a trial run for my family. I bought everything I needed to make an Ultimate BBQ Chicken Pizza (including ingredients to make the pizza dough and bbq sauce from scratch!). In addition, I bought a bottle of Pinot Noir to pair with it.

The best thing about this wine: Dry yet fruity
Available at: Aldi
By the bottle: $10.99
Pairs well with: BBQ Chicken Pizza
Winery Web Page: http://www.scheidwinery.com/

As I planned the menu of what pizza we would be making, I needed to come up with a wine to pair with each pizza. I bought a few different bottles of red and white. For my trial pizza, i thought this bottle of William Wright Pinot Noir would pair nicely. I thought the spicy bbq sauce would really enhance the earthy flavors of this wine.
This wine was medium bodied, red brick in color, with spicy aromas of toasted cinnamon, cherries and espresso bean. It is dry, yet fruity and had a dominant cherry fruit on the palate. The finish was subtle vanilla and spiced pear.
I was right, my homemade spicy bbq sauce was a hit and brought out the flavors in this wine. This pairing of the Pinot Noir and BBQ Chicken pizza was a success. Yet again, another outstanding Aldi brand wine!




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