Commanderie de Peyrassol * Rose * 2015

“Calgon take me away!” was a popular commercial back in the ’80’s geared towards the busy housewife or stay at home mom that needed a little time to herself, a break in her everyday routine. I could relate to that about 15 years ago, but today? Just give me a glass, a quiet patio, and pour me something simple and yummy. Commanderie de Peyrassol Rose is a bit complicated to say, but it is simple and yummy!

The best thing about this wine: it’s easy to enjoy and is perfect for a midsummer night’s dream
Available at: Corkscrew Wine And Cheese
Pairs well with: Patios, quiet evenings and bath times
Winery Web Page:

After a busy 4th of July week, and a hectic week that followed, it was a welcome sight to have my evening tonight to myself. The patio was inviting as the sun was beginning to set and the heat of the day was subsiding. I grabbed this gem and headed out to my favorite spot.

The rosy color is soft as a dream. Syrah and Grenache are nicely sharpened with a touch of Mourvèdre, making a balanced trio full of fruity flavors. The crisp gooseberry and raspberry pop on the nose, with a silky, mineral finish. Super simple and easy to enjoy. It doesn’t need any food paringsit was great on it’s own. My quiet time only lasted about an hour, but the Commanderie de Peyrassol did take me away!



Commanderie de Peyrassol * Rose * 2015

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