Coombsville Cuvee * Sciandri *2013


If you know where to look, you can find wine tasting occurring on a weekly basis at price points from free to about $25, and varying by both what and how much you taste. Back in May, I got to talk to a variety of Napa producers at the Omaha Wine Company spring tasting. A few wines stood out to me, and I made notes so that I could keep coming back to them. Our Varozza event next weekend (click here for details) features one of the notable tasting from that day, and you’ll find several more among my previous posts.

One of my favorites, though, was made by a small, family run operation called Sciandri. The Coombsville Cuvee (labeled as “blend” in my notes) stuck with me both at that tasting and on a couple of subsequent revisits. Anything bearing the label “wonderful” after a tasting seems worth another glass!

The best thing about this wine: big fruit and great flavor at a reasonable price
Available at: Omaha Wine Company
By the Bottle: $36
Pairs well with: a lighter meal and some wine reading
Winery website:

Upon tasting this wine, you’ll surely get the “wonderful” tasting note. The “blend” comment was due to my unfamiliarity with Coombsville. I was lucky enough to get to dive more into what that term met, and, unbeknownst to me, talk to one of the people who was a driving force behind the development of a new appellation in the Napa Valley. I would refer you to Sciandri’s website for a more concise description of exactly what Coombsville stands for and what they are doing there. As I learned more about the appellations of Napa, it definitely began to inform more of my wine purchases—and has resulted in a much happier drinking experience!

The first thing I noticed about this wine was the beautiful deep magenta coloring. It has nice tannins and acidity in a nice balance. It is jammy, and finishes with black cherries. This wine is a less standard red blend, with 65% Cabernet and 35% Syrah. The two grape varietals are fermented separately, and then barreled together. It is prefect to drink alone or pair with a delicious dinner. You can’t go wrong!



Coombsville Cuvee * Sciandri *2013

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