Winking Owl * Chardonnay * 2015

[Editor’s note: We got this right the second time time around for Heather’s actual post!]
20170622_232212 (1)
I write about a lot of wines that are more expensive than some people want to pay. I usually like wines in the $10-$20 range, but there are some people who like to stay around the $5-$6 a bottle range. I thought this week I would try a wine I have had my eye on since last November. I am always up for a bargain!

The best thing about this wine: The value!!!
Available at: exclusive to Aldi’s
By the bottle: $2.89
Pairs well with: Grilled fish and chicken

I get it, we are all on a budget and when you have a glass or two or even a bottle a night, it can get expensive, right? You’ve all probably heard of Trader Joe’s Charles Shaw wines, also known as Three Buck Chuck. This week, I tried something even cheaper, at $2.89 a bottle! This is Aldi’s exclusive wine called Winking Owl. They have a variety to chose from: Chardonnay, White Blend, Pinot Grigio, Cabernet, Shiraz and Merlot.

Today I tried the Chardonnay. This wine is light in color and medium body. It is semi-dry and has floral aromas and pear in the bouquet. I taste flavors of green apple, pear and butter with subtle toasted oak. It is well balanced and very easy to drink.

Winking Owl is a value-priced brand of wines produced in California. It’s a private label of Aldi supermarket chain. If you are near an Aldi, stop in and grab a bottle. This wine is very refreshing on a hot Omaha afternoon, and this Chardonnay is the best bang for your buck!! Not too sweet, not too dry, and very good for the price!



Winking Owl * Chardonnay * 2015

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