Sean Minor Point North * Pinot Noir * 2014


My goal heading into this weekend was to have a burst of productivity. On the to-do list was: reading for a project I’m participating in at work, a backlog of papers needing graded for a course I’m teaching, and several half-initiated projects around the house. My motivations and ambitions were strong. The Japanese Beetle bombed those goals.

I woke up early Saturday morning, brewed coffee, and sat on the porch with my book. A couple of hours later and completely engrossed in the content, I heard faint “pinging” noises hitting the siding on my house. I looked up to see swarms of beetles raining down from the Linden tree and landing on my reading paradise. An impromptu Google search yielded information about Japanese Beetles and their destructiveness–they eat everything. I quickly began to connect the beetle invasion with my completely eaten rose bushes and withering leaves on my Linden tree.

Book closed, I sprung into action. More research, driving around Omaha, and working in the yard engrossed in a beetle battle, Saturday evening arrived quickly. I had not attempted even one of my original goals. Instead, I had purchased enough Japanese Beetle traps, set them up, and sprayed Neem oil on what was left of the rest of the plants in my yard in hopes of saving them from the ravenous creatures.

Feeling defeated, late at night, I opened a bottle of one of my favorite Oregon Pinot Noirs. It accompanied me to my upstairs office as I tried to re-motivate myself and grade some papers.

The best thing about this wine: A myriad of pairing options
Available at: Spirit World
By the bottle: $21.99
Pairs well with: cheese plate, poultry, and/or Asian food
If you like Oregon Pinot Noir, try this wine.
Winery Web Page:

Ruby in color and light bodied, the bright soft raspberry and blackberry notes kick off the beginning of the palate. A really nice and complex ping of pepper with leather are the finishing flavors. Slight earthy notes lie underneath the entire way through. This is an excellent Pinor Noir for easy pairing and drinking.

Sunday led to more work in the yard as I tried to combat the endless bug invasion, Chinese take-out in the evening, and then I finished off the bottle of Point North Pinot Noir. While I can give you an extensive education on the Japanese Beetle, I’m no where closer to completing my to-do list. The best thing about my weekend was the wine.

Cheers to the end of beetle season (is it over yet?),

Sean Minor Point North * Pinot Noir * 2014

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