Open Kimono * Riesling *2014

Getting back into the swing of things after a holiday weekend (week?) is always rough. My holiday weekend may have looked a little bit different than most (trip to Chicago, two long days behind the scenes at a fireworks company, and a celebration on the 5th), my recovery was about the same. I picked up some takeout, cranked the A/C, popped in a movie, and planted myself on the couch for the evening. Luckily, I had the foresight to grab a bottle of wine to accompany my Pad Thai!

The best thing about this wine: a great complement to spicy food or a hot day!
Available at Baker’s
By the bottle: 9.99 (sale)
Winery Website:

I am generally a Riesling fan, but I don’t like them too sweet. It can be a tough order to find one like that in a grocery store, though! I had called in an order for some pad thai on my way home from the lake, and since Baker’s is right there, that was my best bet. Spicy Asian food tends to go perfectly with even a sweeter Riesling, so I figured this sale wine was worth a shot!

First thing: served chilled, this is not a sweet wine. It is dry and very tart. Crisp green apple, strawberries, hints of peach. As the wine warms, more sweetness does appear, along with some strong citrus notes. It is tasty either way. 

This held up nicely to my Pad Thai, and was refreshing in its own in last night’s high 90s temps. Really enjoyable inexpensive choice! 



Open Kimono * Riesling *2014

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