Alessandro Rivetto * Arneis * 2015

Short and to the point. This is what this wine review is going to be. Nothing fancy or full of technical wine terms. The Alessandro Rivetto Arneis doesn’t require that. It can stand on it’s own and prove to be a fantastic go to white wine.
The best thing about this wine: A great white wine that everyone will love and should try
Available at: Corkscrew Wine and Cheese
By the bottle: 20.99
Pairs well with: salmon, BLT’s, take-out

Arneis is both the name of a wine and the grape from which it is made. The name means “little rascal” in Piemontese dialect, so named because it can be difficult to grow. This should be a familiar wine that is in your “go to” or quick grab wine that everyone will love.
The color is a nice straw yellow. It is dry and full body with notes of pears and apricots. It is crisp and floral. I even got some light citrus after it had opened up. This is a great patio wine on it’s own after a long day, or pour it for a group of friends. Grab a glass, pour some Arneis and get un-corked.



Alessandro Rivetto * Arneis * 2015

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