The Federalist * Cabernet Sauvignon * 2015

I don’t know if it is the gorgeous view of the golf course or simply being outdoors that makes drinking a glass of wine taste exceptionally good. I have had the Federalist Cabernet several times before but today it tasted better than I remembered. Since we were sitting outside I chilled my red for about 20 minutes before pouring a glass.
The best thing about this wine: Being slightly chilled really enhanced the flavor and fruitiness.
Available at: HyVee
By the bottle: $15.99
Pairs well with: Beef and BBQ Ribs
Winery Web Page:

Chilling the wine this time really brought out the fruitiness and flavors of this wine. On the nose, it was blackberry and blueberry. Tastes of spice, oak and bold, ripe fruit flavors.  This is a full-bodied wine that is very aromatic with a long, smooth finish.

The Federalist Wines were created to pay homage to our Founding Fathers. These were bold men of principle, whose pioneering spirit helped make the United States the great country it is today.  The Cabernet Sauvignon bottle has a picture of leading author, printer, politician, postmaster, scientist, inventor and diplomat, Benjamin Franklin! He had a wide-range of knowledge, but most importantly, he was a lover of wine!


The Federalist * Cabernet Sauvignon * 2015

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