Optima * Gewürztraminer * 2013


Always expect the unexpected, even when it comes to wine. For example, the weather has been so lovely and cooperative with all I have planned to do lately. Except for today.

I woke up early to the weather app telling me that a huge super cell with ping-pong ball-sized hail was headed my way. So, I jumped out of bed and scrambled to get my repaired car home before the storm. Everything went as expected, and as I got home I grabbed another cup of java, turned on the morning news and listened to the thunder which lasted most of the day. No hail, rain, twister… just thunder. A nice “June Gloom” day. Totally unexpected from what I had first thought. Enter the Optima Gewürztraminer.

The best thing about this wine: You will fall in love with this beauty
Available at: The Omaha Winery
By the bottle: $25
Pairs well with thunder, lightening, and chicken salad sandwiches
Try this if you like Haut Bridau Picpoul De Pinet
Web page for info: https://optimawinery.com/index.php/product/2016-gewurztraminer/

This wine was totally not what I expected. I thought it was going to be on the sweeter side, light, with not much going on, but NO! I got the unexpected: bright, dry, and crisp. It was a feast for the senses! The rich, crisp Gewürztraminer has explosive flavors of creamy peach, and honeydew melon. After letting it sit for a bit, it brings up spice notes with honey, ginger and a hint of nutmeg. This wine finishes dry with a crisp acidity. Exactly what I needed on a day like today. So go with the flow, grab a glass and pour the unexpected.



Optima * Gewürztraminer * 2013

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