Province of Taranto * Primitivo del Salento * 2015

After a plane trip, sleeping on the couch for days with a sick kid and a long Memorial Day weekend full of activities I was in desperate need of a chiropractic appointment. So I stopped by for an adjustment today and thought I would swing for a glass of wine at Vino Mas on my way home.

The best thing about this wine: limited edition wine that is unique, full of flavors and you can’t find it everywhere. Available at: Vino Mas
By the glass: $5.00
By the bottle: $18.80
Pairs well with: Grilled meat, pasta and pizza
Winery Web Page:

I’ve been to Vino Mas a few times and always had a good experience. I sat at the bar and took a look at their happy hour wine list. As I got to talking to the bartender and introduced myself it turned out she was the owner. I handed her my card and told her what I did and she lined up a few glasses of wine for me to sample that were exclusive to the wine club members. She was telling me how she picks out unique, exclusive bottles of wine from all over that you don’t typically see at the grocery stores, but she sells there at her store.

The owner Deanna is very knowledgable and started telling me about the Primitivo. It’s from Italy and is the Zinfandel grape of the United States. This wine had great structure, smooth and full of ripe tannins. It had a very elegant ruby red color, with intense fruity scents of mature plums, tobacco leaves and cocoa. Slightly spicy and its finish is reminiscent of vanilla.

By the time I finished my wine sampling I became a Vino Mas Wine Club Member and will be enjoying new, unique bottles of wine every month. I have to say I am very excited I made that stop and as the sign read in their bathroom… Save the Earth, it’s the only planet with wine on it!


Heather Hague

Province of Taranto * Primitivo del Salento * 2015

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