Stag’s Leap * FAY Cabernet Sauvignon * 2014

As a teacher and the lone wine drinker in my home, I often find myself reaching for the best bottles I can find on a budget. While there are many, many great wines to be found at that under $30 price point, there is an expansive world of wine beyond that. Stag’s Leap FAY is far beyond my normal budget, but this wine was so enjoyable I had to recommend it!

Best thing about this wine: Napa fruit bomb that would be great for a special occasion
Available at: Omaha Wine Company
By the bottle: $135
Pairs well with: red meat
Web page for info: 

I tasted this wine at Stag’s Leap in Napa. Our tasting guide compared this wine and Cask 23 with a great analogy. The FAY is Taylor Swift, while the Cask 23 is your wife. Taylor Swift is young, bright, attractive; but your wife gets the best you have to offer!
The young and bright is evident in the FAY. There are cherries on the nose. Blackberries and other dark berries are evident on the palate along with lots of dried fruits.



Stag’s Leap * FAY Cabernet Sauvignon * 2014

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