Chateau Montelena * Chardonnay * 2013

Gold glitter hat, check. Running shoes, check. Cake and bubbly, check and check! On paper I am prepped and ready for my 30th birthday on Friday. In reality, though, that’s not the case. I sat down with a glass of wine Thursday night as I tried to make my peace with the demise of my 20s. 

The best thing about this wine: Fantastic alternative to butter bomb Chardonnay
Available at: Omaha Wine Company
By the bottle: $50
Pairs well with: fish, lighter fare

I got to try Chateau Montelena’ s chardonnay on my recent trip to Napa. This wine may be familiar to you as the winner of the Judgement of Paris, taking the prize over several French and Napa Chardonnay. If you don’t know the history, check it out! 

I don’t know that the 2013 will be taking prizes of that nature anytime soon, but it is still a quality wine. This is no buttery, oaky Napa chard. Made in the French style, you’re getting the fruit with only traces of those traditional flavors. Pear on the nose, and a medium level of acidity. The fruits range from bright citrus to melon with tropical notes on the finish. 

Getting older had always been hard for me to handle, though I definitely don’t feel the same about my wine. I eagerly await the opportunity to enjoy a nice, well aged bottle of wine. As the flavors and structure change with time, the wine gains more complexity and hopefully becomes even more enjoyable. Here’s hoping that another year will make life more flavorful, and that more complexity yields more joy. If not, at least I know there will be wine!



Chateau Montelena * Chardonnay * 2013

One thought on “Chateau Montelena * Chardonnay * 2013

  1. Cool post! It’s a great Chardonnay, we agree! We live in Napa so we get up there quite a bit. In case you didn’t know, the winemaker who made the Judgement of Paris winner is Mike Grgich and he left Chateau Montelena many many years ago and has his own Napa winery, Grgich Hills. Strongly suggest visiting there next time you’re here. Check out our wine country blog if you want some other ideas for “hidden gems”:


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