Il Censo * Catarratto * 2014

orange wine pic.png

The long anticipated kick off to summer known as Memorial Day has come and gone. The weather was perfect.  I spent mine with family and friends eating great food, drinking amazing cocktails and pouring beautiful glasses of wine. Today was back to the grind… the weather was amazing, co-workers were relaxed and full of stories, and it was good to be back in the swing. On the drive home I found myself  listening to different music, I was craving something different for dinner, and I ended up taking a different way home. When I walked in, it even that felt different. With the kids gone, the hubs off to volleyball and the dogs fed and surprisingly quiet, this was my night for something different: uncorking my “orange wine” and grilling up the halibut that I have been wanting instead of the usual taco Tuesday.

Best this about this wine: It’s one of a kind, from the nose to the finish!
Available at Corkscrew Wine and Cheese Blackstone by special request
By the bottle: $35
Try this if you like: Jura wines

Different. That totally explains an orange wine. Funky nose, copper orange color, in a league of its own. Maybe considered a loner of a wine. You either really love them or hate them, but this one is by far my favorite. So I found it my go to tonight: just me, myself and my orange wine.

This wine is 100% Catarratto grape. Catarratto is a white Italian wine grape planted primarily in Sicily where it is the most widely planted grape. They are farmed organically and grapes are harvested manually; the grapes maintain contact with the skins for 2-3 weeks; only indigenous yeasts are used during fermentation and no temperature controls are utilized.  The color is nothing like I have ever seen! Light, burnt copper.  I get hints of nuts, dried leaves, and fruits on the nose. I tasted melon, orange zest, lemon and slight grapefruit with a well-balanced and dry finish that ends quickly but leaves you wanting more. I had it chilled but as it warmed I noticed I enjoyed it even more. It paired nicely with my simple halibut and summer squash dish I made myself. So if different is what you are looking for give this a try. It won’t disappoint!





Il Censo * Catarratto * 2014

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