Seghesio * Zinfandel * 2015

20170430_152900Faced with a cold and dreary day last week, we decided to meet some friends for lunch and have a drink at a local sports bar. As I looked through the drink menu, I noticed they had an extensive wine list. Typically, at a sports bar I would steer towards a beer but instead, my friend and I decided to split a bottle of the Seghesio Zinfandel.

The best thing about this wine: Big, bold and jammy
Available at: Ryan’s Food and Spirits
By the bottle: $30.00 By the glass: $12.00
Pairs well with: Chicken Nachos and buffalo wings
Winery Web Page:

If you’re looking for a fantastic bottle of red at a sports bar, you will not be disappointed with this bottle. A small amount of Petite Syrah is added to honor century old traditions and to provide color and structure.

This wine presents a bold nose with aromas of blueberry, nutmeg and baked strawberry, intertwined with hints of spice and black fruit. The palate leads smoothly with flavors of black cherry, cocoa and coffee, while the finish is balanced and elegantly structured.

We shared an order of wings that went phenomenally with this wine. The robust wing recipe had lots of meaty, smoky flavors that complimented this moderately spicy, well structured wine! Who needs wings and beer when you can pair wings with a nice glass of wine?



Seghesio * Zinfandel * 2015

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