La Posta Pizzella * Malbec * 2016

My daughter turned three years old Monday. Three years of life is a short time lived, yet I’m continually amazed how a mere handful of years can shape, change, and grow a child. She is now able to have an opinion on a variety of things, and we let her choose where she would like to eat for dinner. She landed on Lead Belly at Midtown Crossing, which made me extremely proud of her youthful wisdom. The reality is we are frequent patrons because Lead Belly provides a nice menu variety, from entree dishes to sandwiches and burgers. I’ve never looked at the wine menu before, usually relying on the excellent source of local beers and well-prepared mixed drinks. For the birthday celebration, I took my first try at the wine list.

The best thing about this wine: smooth for a Malbec
Available at:   Lead Belly
By the bottle: $36, by the glass: $9.00
Pairs well with: chicken, pork
f you like Malbec, try this wine.
Winery Web Page:

I ordered a glass of La Posta Pizzella 2016 Malbec to go with Bangers and Mash: Guinness braised Bavarian sausage, red wine demi, mashed potatoes, and grilled corn. I added a side salad with Green Goddess Dressing. This was a lucky pairing of some fascinating flavors.


The Malbec is surprisingly smooth. It contains leathery aromas. Deep plum and dark cherry beginning flavors are heavenly. Broad and medium bodied, the silky texture lends itself well as it shifts into a smoky, chocolate middle, ending with a long and clean dense, dry, spicy finish.

I’m calling this a cordial and polite, sophisticated wine. I’m impressed with how satisfying it was for it’s youthful 2016 vintage. For the price, it’s an excellent value.

Cheers to youth!



La Posta Pizzella * Malbec * 2016

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