Optima * Rose * 2016

optima rose

Life. It gets so busy and time flies by without giving it another thought. I swear last week I was buying winter coats and this week it was already time for a bit of spring cleaning. I could lie and say that meant sprucing up the house for spring, but it really means that I was putting my reds in the cool basement storage area and filling up my wine fridge with my whites and rose. I couldn’t resist breaking open the Optima Rose. The cleaning could wait.

The best thing about this wine:  fresh, crisp and the brilliant color will steal you away.
Available at: The Winery Omaha
By the bottle: $29
Pairs well with spicy foods, and sunny patios
Winery Web Page: www.optimawinery.com

I had been out most of the morning running errands and playing taxi driver.  The sun was out. I had called in an order to go for Thai fresh spring rolls on my way home from a much-needed hair appointment and couldn’t resist the patio calling my name. It was a perfect pairing. The 2016 Optima Rose consists of blending four different grape varieties Zinfandel, Petite Sirah. Merlot and Pinot Noir to create layered flavors.

optima rose2On the nose I was given strawberries, rhubarb and vanilla cream that are vibrant and fresh, with a crisp and bright, long dry finish. The juice was aged in stainless steel tanks at cool temperatures to preserve the delicate fruit aromas. This results in a nice crisp, dry Rose that drinks easily by itself or pairs nicely with spicy foods. It complimented my spring rolls perfectly. I was in much need of a mini getaway and this didn’t disappoint. I happened to sit a couple more bottles of these out on the bar so the next time I feel like “cleaning” I will find myself  saying no to the housework and yes way rose!



Optima * Rose * 2016

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