Don & Sons * Pinot Noir * 2011

After an uniquely stressful work week, dinner was the time for me to be decisive. I’m predicting the upcoming week will most certainly be the “part two” continuation, so I thought I’d practice my quick decision-making skills knowing they would be necessary for another round of meetings ahead, some where indecisive players would be present.  I did a quick browse of the menu at J. Coco, and landed on the 2011 Don & Sons Pinot Noir.

The best thing about this wine: balanced
Available at:  J. Coco
By the bottle: $46.00
By the glass: $12.00
Pairs well with: Cedar Plank Salmon
Winery Web Page:

This is an extremely fragrant and fruit forward wine. What I like best is its overall balanced flavor, consisting of berry and vanilla notes, smooth tannins, with a light tartness near the end. It complimented the cedar plank salmon well, especially sharpening the fruitiness and sugar flavors.

Recapping this week, Don & Sons is a metaphor in a glass. I could use fewer sharp and tart personalities in the week ahead. I long for more people with balanced and predictable dispositions, those who can listen a little more, consider responding smoothly, and not waiver unpredictably. Here’s where my mind will probably drift in the Monday morning meeting: I’m going to imagine a few co-workers are as delightful as Don & Sons Pinot Noir. Doing so just might make some situations much more bearable.

Cheers to odd metaphors,


Don & Sons * Pinot Noir * 2011

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