Canyon Road * Chardonnay * 2015

20170505_155344This week I had a close friend of mine pass away. What she thought was arthritis, turned out to be cancer. She found out 3 months ago it was a mass and quickly went downhill. We met in 2002 and right away we became partners in crime. She was fun, spunky and lived life to the fullest. Today I rode my bike to Old Chicago to clear my head. After my first beer in her honor,  I decided to order a glass of Canyon Road Chardonnay.

The best thing about this wine: Light, clean and refreshing.
Available at: Old Chicago
By the glass: $5.29
Pairs well with: Grilled chicken, lighter pasta dishes or mild cheeses.
Winery Web Page:

Barb and I use to hang out at Old Chicago about twice a week. We loved their happy hour nachos and doing their World Beer Tours. I won’t mention how many tours I have done (and the amount of money I spent doing them!)

Today, I met up with a good friend who was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago. He went into remission, and now has been given months to live. We had a few beers on the patio and talked about the battle of cancer and how we should never take life for granted. I thought I would order the Chardonnay to see how it compared to the Butternut Chardonnay I just had and loved. I wasn’t driving, and enjoying every minute I had with my friend, so I ordered not one, not two, but three glasses of this Canyon Road Chardonnay.

This wine is medium bodied. It has notes of apple and ripe citrus fruit. It was fruit forward on the palate with rich, citrus-y flavors of lemon and grapefruit. Very well balanced.

Cheers to everyone who knows someone or has known someone with cancer. Live life to your fullest, follow your dreams and never take life for granted. And to my recent passing of my friend Barb, cheers to you my friend, thank you for all the great times and memories. You will be truly missed, but never forgotten!

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Canyon Road * Chardonnay * 2015

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