B Side * Red Blend * 2014


I’ve been struggling a little bit (ok, a lot bit) with balance lately. Last night, I rushed home from school to grab my craft store coupons to get supplies for a tie-dying project at school. I saw my super long lawn and decided to do a quick mow before I headed to the craft store, before I started my part-time job. I didn’t find what I needed and ended up at 2 more stores after my shift ended. When I finally made it home, I collapsed in bed. With my days looking like this more and more frequently, I find that spending my weekends relaxing is essential to any semblance of a work-life balance. Last Sunday at a wine tasting, I thought perhaps I could achieve some balance from a nice Red Blend called B Side.

The best thing about this wine: A nice peppery finish gives this more appeal than your average Red Blend
Available at: The Winery
By the bottle: $24.99
Pairs well with: A rainy Sunday, appetizers, a nice steak with roasted veggies
Winery Web Page: http://www.bsidewines.com/

I am not generally a fan of red blends, but was committed to tasting as much as I could. This one had a fun throwback label (exposed tape from a cassette) and I was intrigued by the list of grapes used in the blend. The rep told me the wine contained primarily Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot along with Petit Verdot, Cabernet Franc, Malbec, and Dolcetto grapes as I took a sip.

The wine is full of dark and dried fruit flavors—cherries, plum, dark berries, and some notes of vanilla. And of course, I immediately noticed the peppery finish that I love about a Malbec. I felt this wine had more complexity than other blends I’ve had, and was far superior to the other blend I tasted that day.

As I did research for this review on the grape list above, I noticed frequent references to herbs in describing this wine. I haven’t previously looked for those in tasting and am excited to expand my tasting language. Look forward to it!

Cheers and Happy Friday,


OWR Editor

B Side * Red Blend * 2014

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