Pali Wine Co. Huntington * Pinot Noir * 2014

My wife, daughter, and I spent the weekend away from home. We were in Schuyler, NE for a confirmation and dance recital. It’s always enjoyable to have several days with extended family, but heading back to Omaha Sunday afternoon created feelings and thoughts around how we would prioritize our minimal weekend time remaining before Monday would soon be upon us. We unanimously decided on takeout from Three Happiness Chinese, and I made a quick stop at Wohlner’s for a bottle of wine on my way to pick up the food.

I decided on a bottle of 2014 Huntington Pinot Noir. I knew the Pali Wine Company wouldn’t let me down.

Available at: Wohlner’s Neighborhood Grocery & Deli
By the bottle: $21.49
Pairs well with: cheese plate or appetizers
Try this wine i
f you like: a reliable, easy-drinking Pinot Noir.
Winery Web Page:


An extremely aromatic and fruit forward wine changed quickly through the palate. It’s berry and jam leading notes ended with a really nice earthy punch giving a lasting and lingering spice. Light, yet substantial, I really like this Pinot Noir. It opens up well after sitting in the glass for a while. I kept pouring glasses, but with another go around, I would probably decant for at least 30 minutes to give it a chance to breathe. If I was one with means for a wine cellar, I would buy another bottle and sit on it a few years. I’ll predict it will continue to impress with age.



Pali Wine Co. Huntington * Pinot Noir * 2014

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