Mojo * Marche Sangiovese * 2014

mojo wineI’m not really superstitious by nature, but I do believe in good mojo, energy and vibes. I usually know right away if there is good mojo around a space, person, or situation. I definitely felt the good vibes last Tuesday morning when I got the opportunity to taste a few Italian wines.

The best thing about this wine is it’s a great wine at an affordable price
Available at: Corkscrew Wine and Cheese
By the bottle: $16
Pairs well with: red meats, pasta, savory cheeses and of course good vibes

The word mojo has been defined as a charm or spell, an amulet, an ability or quality that causes one to have good luck. Immediately, I was drawn to the label but I knew right away after I tasted it, this Sangiovese had something special. It had been a while since I enjoyed a good Sangiovese. They have been either a total fruit bomb, or super dry.

Once it had been poured and swirled in my glass I saw it had a great ruby red color, on the nose I detected cherries and wild berries. It ended with smooth finish, a little spice, licorice and light tannins. I told my GM about it later that day, and was excited to unpack a few bottles on delivery day and add them to our shelf. Of course I can say I also brought some good Mojo home with me that night!



Mojo * Marche Sangiovese * 2014

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