Chain Gang Pitch Black * Red Blend * 2016

I’ve always been partial to a great breakfast. Whether I’m cooking at home or checking out a cafe or local dive, my spirits lift with a great morning or mid-day meal. Sunday we met at Pitch in Dundee for brunch. The food here is always delicious and I quickly decided on VIP Smoked Mac and Cheese, bypassing the breakfast menu options. Typically my drink of choice for Sunday brunch would be a Bloody Mary, Mimosa, or sparkling wine, but I ordered a glass of Chain Gang’s Pitch Black Red Blend. 

The best thing about this wine: smooth and silky
Available at: Pitch Coal-Fire Pizzeria
By the bottle:  $20.00 / By the glass: $9.00
Pairs well with: beef, lamb, sausage
Winery Web Page:

For a moment I doubted my decision on food and wine and almost quickly reneged to my number two option before the waiter made his way to me. It was an odd choice for a breakfast-lover, but this wasn’t an ordinary mac and cheese: it contained baby spinach, sautéed wild mushrooms, asparagus, house-cured pancetta, and house-made fennel sausage.

IMG_1186Odd worked.

Pitch Black was excellent. Sweet, ripe cherry hit the nose. It began smooth and silky with faint chocolate flavors. I was surprised by the easiness and subtlety of flavor in the beginning, making me take a couple more swift swigs to confirm the first taste. It certainly maintained the lightness in the beginning and finished with deep blackberry, a punch of oak, and a zing of bitter peppery spice.

The wine’s ending nudges of intensity complimented the unique spices of sausage in the mac and cheese.

For this Sunday brunch, odd most-definitely worked out just fine.




Chain Gang Pitch Black * Red Blend * 2016

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