Brazin * Old Vine Zinfandel * 2014

20170421_102955The other night I set out on a quest. I had planned to show my students a film while I was at a conference Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that I don’t actually own the movie. After an exhaustive search of driving to or calling every store I could think of that sold movies, I found the movie at a Family Video in Elkhorn. On my drive home, I decided that my efforts definitely deserved a glass of wine. The bartender at Pitch thought I deserved a bottle of 2014 Brazin Old Vine Zinfandel, and I felt that she was spot on!

 The best thing about this wine: Bold but accessible flavor
Available at: Pitch
By the glass:  $10 / By the bottle $42
Pairs well with: Spicy food, red meat
Winery Web Page:

I am a fan of Lodi wines, so this caught my eye on the glass list for that reason. The glass I tried (before I took the bottle home!) had a beautiful nose, peppery with some dried fruits. It was fairly tannic with a nice amount of acidity, and the flavors were bold: I noticed an immediate wood-iness (cedar, maybe?), stone fruits, and leather. However, it finished with a nice fruit blast.

It went really nicely with my rich Bianco Verde pizza– the kind with arugula on top, but I thought it would have been a better pairing with something heavier and meatier for next time. I really enjoyed this one and highly recommend it!



OWR Editor

Brazin * Old Vine Zinfandel * 2014

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