Trader Joe’s Platinum Reserve * Pinot Noir * 2014

Any new venture is bound to come with a few hiccups. I’ve been running into some here and there as we’ve launched this site, so thanks for sticking with us. A typo on my end led to a particularly funny conversation when I stopped by my dad’s the other night.

The best thing about this wine: how well it complements spicy food
Available at: Trader Joe’s
Pairs well with: spicy or robust flavors

I grabbed a glass of the wine he had opened as he questioned me on some of the things he was reading. “I noticed you wrote one the other day where you mentioned your father -in- law. Are you just making things up or… did you get a father -in-law?”

Once I assured him that no secret wedding had occurred (I just forgot Todd’s signature, whoops!), we started talking about wine. He picked this bottle up since he remembered that 2014 was a good year for Pinots. When he said he wasn’t sure about how to review wine the way we do, I suggested we do it together.

We agreed that this had black cherry on the nose, lots of pepper with a little tart cherry on the finish. This wine was pretty overwhelming to drink on its own, but was an excellent pairing with dad’s dinner of spicy red beans and rice. It really complemented the spice and the flavors of the sausage he had in there.

Overall, a bottle of wine made much better by some good food, good laughs, and good company!



OWR Editor

Trader Joe’s Platinum Reserve * Pinot Noir * 2014

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