James Mitchell Estate * James Mitchell Cabernet Sauvignon * 2014

Last Saturday, my mom stopped by and told us to go out fjamesor a few hours while she babysat the kids. This rarely happens,  so we take full advantage when it does!! We knew we weren’t going to have just one glass of wine so we called for an Uber.  It was 75 and sunny out this day which made this date even better!  We’ve never been to La Buvette downtown so we thought we would give it a try since they had outdoor seating and a nice selection of wine.

The best thing about this wine: The price for this bottle of wine!! 
Available at: La Buvette 
By the bottle:  $13.95 /By the glass: $5.95
Pairs well with:  Roasted Duck, Asian BBQ Ribs, Burger or Dark Chocolate 
Winery Web Page:  http://www.aveniubrands.com/wines/james-mitchell/ 

I was feeling a big bold Cabernet, so I ordered a bottle of the James Mitchell Cabernet. When the bottle came out, I was immediately drawn to the label. It was a picture of a cowboy walking away through a vineyard. I have a soft spot in my heart for cowboys, let alone in a vineyard!

The waiter let me try it first before pouring us a glass of wine. My mouth immediately started to water.  I couldn’t wait to enjoy a full glass of this wine. It was dark red in color and on the nose you can smell rich dark cherries & plum.  It had hints of vanilla with blackberry, spice and a oaky finish. This is a full bodied, jammy red that is well balanced at an affordable price.


 Heather Hague

Staff Writer



James Mitchell Estate * James Mitchell Cabernet Sauvignon * 2014

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