Franciscan Estate * Magnificat * 2013 

Spring is officially here. Beautiful white and pink trees are in full bloom. My rustic oak tree out back is bursting with green buds and finally there was some much needed sunshine. The cool breeze reminded me that summer is still a few months off, which made it a perfect night for a pasta dish I have been wanting to try and to kick back and enjoy a bottle of Franciscan Estate Magnificat. It is one of the original Meritage blends coming from California since 1985. Magnificat is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec and Cabernet Franc. 2013 is truly a phenomenal vintage.

The best thing about this wine is it’s easy to enjoy.
Available at Corkscrew Wine & Cheese 
By the bottle for: $36 / By the glass for: $11 
Pairs well with pasta, stuffed mushrooms, soft and mild cheeses. 
If you like St. Supery Elu 2012, give Magnificat a try. 
Winery Website:

Right away there is cracked pepper on the nose. The color is deep scarlet giving way to a full bodied wine with impressive structure. I taste cocoa, tobacco and a bit of vanilla.  This wine could be a meal all of its own, but I can’t let my Penne pasta dish go to waste. This definitely does not disappoint. If you like “cracked pepper” in a bottle, this one is sure to please. Grab a bottle, a glass and a seasoned “WINE-O” and get un-corked.






Franciscan Estate * Magnificat * 2013 

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