Langmeil * Valley Floor Shiraz * 2013

Yum, Yummy, and Yum!

langmeil (2)My first introduction to “real” wine was in Santa Ynez, California back in 2005. We were drawn in by two Australian brothers playing rugby out front of their winery, which had recently hosted a few scenes from the low budget but very popular film Sideways.

The best this about this wine is: it literally comes from the Valley Floor, the “heart” which is considered an endeared strip of prime land that is the infrastructure and forms the soul of this wine. A true taste of the Barossa Valley.
Available at: Corkscrew Wine & Cheese
By The Bottle for: $26.00
Pairs well with: Pasta, mellow BBQ, steak or hearty cheeses
Try this if you like The Scooter by Mollydooker
Winery Website:

We soon became wine club members and after a year, I was employed in the tasting room. There I learned a lot about Australian and New Zealand wines, Barossa Valley in particular. After moving back to Nebraska and the wine industry here in 2015, I was introduced to Langmeil wines. After tasting through their wines one day with their Denver distributor, I immediately fell in love with the 2013 Valley Floor Shiraz. Most of my fellow wine enthusiasts and co-workers would do it the pleasure of a more technical review, but my personal take is “Yum, Yummy, and Yum!”

The Barossa Valley has a rich history of wine making dating back to the 1840’s, but the Valley Floor is the heart of the region. These wines express a true taste of the Barossa. The Langmeil Winery has been a part of the Barossa Valley’s farming, food and wine community for six generations. With that being said, the 2013 vintage has intense color and flavor. Good acidity with spicy fruit. I get plum and raspberries with hints of savory tones on the nose. To me this is a medium to full bodied wine that ends with a smooth peppery and spicy finish– just the way I like it.



Langmeil * Valley Floor Shiraz * 2013

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