Riesling Kabinett * Darting * 2015

Spring Wine

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but someone has to say it: I love snow. Not winter, not cold, just snow. I’ll tolerate the crappy stuff as long as there is snow on the ground or (preferably) in the air. But if there’s no snow… winter, you are dead to me. So, you can imagine my disappointment at the weather of this last week. I am craving spring weather and a spring wine something fierce.

The best thing about this wine: Medium sweet, a good compromise for non-Chardonnay white drinkers
Available at: Corkscrew                                        
By the glass: $9
Pairs well with: an evening on the patio!

As soon as there is a day warm enough to sit on the patio, I find myself reaching for an old favorite, Riesling. Back in the blissful early spring days of two weeks ago, I found myself at an impromptu tasting—I had heard there would be sparkling wine. I tasted a few wines, some notable, but found myself at the bar with a friend afterward, savoring that first sweet taste of a spring white after a long winter of reds.
The Darting Riesling Kabinett I saw on the menu tasted of honey and ripe fruit, with a slight tartness on the finish. According to my Vivino page, I tried the same wine a couple of years ago and had a similarly pleasant experience. This wine definitely has the characteristic sweetness of Riesling, but it was not overwhelming. I enjoy my white wine on a chilly spring evening, and that sweetness would be the perfect accompaniment to this time of year.

Here’s hoping to a few of those days soon!



OWR Editor

Riesling Kabinett * Darting * 2015

One thought on “Riesling Kabinett * Darting * 2015

  1. Erin the picture of you in the snow before your Christmas Eve lunch would be perfect for your comments.
    Good description of the wine, I will have to keep this in mind if I consider a white wine.


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