URLO (Scream) * Red Blend * 2013

There is nothing as hard as having cancURLOer force us to say goodbye to a dear friend and mentor in the wine business so early in life. When the time came to celebrate what was possibly her last birthday, I canvased the shelves for a bottle that perhaps represented our friendship and my feelings about what was happening…

The best thing about this wine: that each type of grape was fermented separately then blended.
Available at:  Corkscrew Wine and Cheese
By the bottle:   $15.00
Pairs well with: pasta, spicy food, or my personal favorite: Raspberry Bellavitano cheese!
Try this if you like: If You See Kay

 Winery Web Page: www.URLOwines.com

It seems unfair that someone so full of life, humor, and knowledge is being taken from us. We had shared so many fun times laughing and crying over a great glass of wine.  As I scanned the shelves at Corkscrew Wine and Cheese in the Blackstone District, URLO (Scream)’s red blend jumped out from the others and after reading the label, I knew it was perfect.

URLO means a blare of emotion, a scream, a means of making oneself heard, a sudden vocal outburst…everything that I experienced with her in our friendship and was now feeling with losing her. This wine had a deep ruby red color that was fragrant and fruity. It was tart and full bodied with a vanilla spice and smoky finish. URLO represented the happy, fun times we had shared and expressed the hard times that are ahead, and as any wine should do, left an impact on a moment shared between friends.

Cheers to you my dear friend and save me a seat at the local wine bar,


Staff Writer

URLO (Scream) * Red Blend * 2013

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