Two Horns * Mean Red Blend * 2013

Pinkeye Wine

 Are you Brave Enough? That question is emblazoned at the top of the back label on Two Horns wine, so if you’re still reading this review after a title like “Pinkeye wine” I consider you a die-hard wine lover!

The best thing about this wine: Great flavors for drinking on its own
Available at: Hy-Vee
By the bottle: $10.99
Pairs well with: burgers, steak, barbecue
Winery Web Page:

A while back, I first stumbled upon Two Horns at my local Hy-Vee while browsing the small discounted wine section for the usual mark-down or unique bottle I’m actually “brave enough” to try. Turning around, leaving the section uninspired, on the opposite side of the aisle was the spirits section. There out of place, on a shelf near the bottom, was Two Horns, easy to spot with a bull’s fierce red eyes glaring at me. Odd that a wine was set there in the spirits section, I grabbed a bottle.

Fast forward to this review, I was back at Hy-Vee again, this time picking up eye drops from the pharmacy due to a nasty case of pink eye I got from my two-year-old daughter a week earlier. I was getting a few other items for dinner, along wit

h my prescription. I saw Two Horns again, with the red eyes glaring at me. The wine was familiar and appropriate given the fact my eyes were glaring back red as well.

pink eye wine pic

I prepared hamburgers, sweet potato fries, and fresh pineapple; all different flavors which paired nicely with this mean red blend. It’s smoky the entire way through, increasing in strength until the very end. It can be spicy and pepper-laden. This wine is a recurring go-to for me, due to its great flavors on its own. I shared a bottle with my siblings at Christmas, and everyone approved. Apparently bull riders approve of this wine as well because it’s marketed as the official wine of PBR, (Professional Bull Riders). Who knew that was a thing? Bold indeed.



OWR Writer

Two Horns * Mean Red Blend * 2013

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